U-Travel is a accredited agent of Bureau of Immigration (BI), that can provide you assistance on visa processing to different embassies and help foreign expatriates in obtaining tourist visa extensions, working visas and other immigration services.

Our Services are as follow:

Working Visa

- Pre-arranged Employee Visa (9g)
- Treaty Traders or Treaty Traders Visa (9d) Commercial & Non-Commercial
‚Äč- Special Visa under EO 226
- Special Visa under SEC 47a2

Working Permits

- Special Work Permit
- Provisional Work Permit

Immigrant Visa

- Immigrant Visa by Marriage (13a)
- Permanent Resident Visa


- Application for Retention or Re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship
- Recognition as Filipino Citizenship

Other Immigration Services

- Tourist Visa Extension
- Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
- Downgrading of Visa
- Revalidation of Visa
- Exit Clearance Certificate (ECC)
- Grace Period (Intern Extension)

Visa to Different Embassies

- Korea Visa
- Japan Visa
- Schengen Visa
- US Visa
- UK Visa
- Canada Visa
  and many more